Monday, October 6, 2008

Best Car Wax, cleaner, shine, Race Day Ltd

Designed with SPEED in mind and out of personal needs to be able to clean, wax and shine a vehicle in just minutes instead of hours and without having to go to a car wash.

With Race Day Ltd you can shine up your car just before you get ready to go out and your ride will look great. We scented our product to help give you an airfreshiner inside when used.

ABOUT US: We have produced the Best car Wax for over 14 years. Easy to use, takes only minutes instead of hours. Last a Long time. A damp rag followed by a clean dry towel restores the glossy shine. Your vehicle stays cleaner much longer and grabs less dirt. In the past Limo and sedan Chauffeurs who are constantly on the road have proved this to themselves. In heavy rain storms we have seen that vehicles appear to have come straight out of the carwash. All of these statements have come from our clients. An RV dealer who tried a 6 foot square circular spot has stated that after 4 months the rest of the RV was filthy and the treated area stayed clean and shiny. For in and on your ride, such as gauges and instrument covers.

The Auto detail cleaner that shines on and on. Contains Carnauba wax
*Long Lasting Shine
*Easy to use and:
*FAST, Your Done in Minutes
*Spray and wipe off with a clean dry towel
*Contains Carnauba wax
*Can be used in Direct Sunlight
*This product stays wet longer so it can be used in sunlight
*Won't leave a white residue like other wax products
*It will shed water off, leaving your vehicle cleaner longer
*Use in and on your vehicle, gauges, console, dash components etc.
*Scented formula leaves a nice fragrance inside your vehicle
*Use less in High Humidity , because it stays wet longer
*ALWAYS adjust Nozzle to a fine mist spray
*One 24oz bottle should last for 3-4 cleanings, depending on the size of the unit.



BUY NOW!, Sale! Retail price $9.50 each
1 ORDER = 2 X 24oz bottle minimum $14.00

WEST COAST & Central $6.00 S/H $20.00

EAST COAST ADD $8.00 S/H $22.00


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